"I always look for the presence of light in a painting. It never entered my mind to consider it when looking at a sculpture until I saw your work. Through your technique of combining transparent patinas over polished metal you’ve added a fourth dimension to sculpture… the illusion of life. I think your trout and salmon sculpture are unprecedented and without doubt… the best I’ve ever seen.”
Mike Cochran
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Sailfish Club of Florida Selects Fowler Sculpture

Sailfish Club of Florida Selects Fowler Sculpture

May 16th, 2017

The Sailfish Club of Florida was chartered in 1914 in West Palm Beach Florida and is one of the oldest fishing and fine dining clubs in Florida.  Its marina is the home of the prestigious Goldcup Sailfish Tournament founded by John Rybovich in 1972 which is now one of the most coveted prizes in competitive sport fishing.

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  • Ordering and Pricing

    Ordering and Pricing

    How to Order

    Each sculpture is created one at a time and it usually takes six to eight weeks to create.  To start the process please call 800-925-7910 or 405-714-6253 and tell us what you are interested in.  There are no deposits and each sculpture will be shipped on approval after you have seen photos of the completed sculpture.  If you wish, we can send images of each step in the process so you can see all of the details of its creation.  

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  • Meet the Artists Behind Fowler Sculpture

    Meet the Artists Behind Fowler Sculpture

    I think there is something magical about the appearance of a fish seen up close. No creature on earth has such an interesting combination of complex colors and many look like they are illuminated from within when they are seen in direct sunlight.

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  • Available Now in Fowler Sculpture Gallery

    Available Now in Fowler Sculpture Gallery

    Normally we only start a sculpture when someone calls and makes a request. Fowler Sculpture has opened it own gallery to showcase our new sculpture and to maintain a small inventory of finished sculpture for those times when a gift is needed immediately. Please check back often to see whats new.


    Trophy bookends. We are working on a series of bookend heads similar to the tarpon. Largest imaginable of many species including atlantic, silver and king salmon. Brown and rainbow trout and peacock bass.

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